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Covid-19 Update: Please rest assured that each piece is hand cleaned by someone in the Add Salt team with Surgical Spirit B.P. or a suitable equivalent. Hygiene is one of our top priorities.

Jewellery Subscription Box

Are you ready to add salt?

Add Salt Studios is a contemporary fashion accessories studio. Our mission is to spread joy through our rental jewellery subscription box UK service.

We offer well curated collections for women. Our products make you look and feel like the best version of yourself.

We provide a variety of pieces such as earrings, necklaces, rings and anything else your imagination conjures up.

Our innovative subscription concept brings jewellery to your doorstep.

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Jewellery Rental UK

How it works

Each month, we’ll send you between 3 to 5 pieces to wear and enjoy. At the end of the month, send them back to us to receive a new set, or, if you liked anything you wore, purchase it to make it a permanent part of your wardrobe!

Add Salt is a fashion jewellery subscription box service.
It’s fun to change your jewellery and accessorise your outfits differently.

Necklace Jewellery Rental
Necklace Rent Jewellery
Bracelet Jewellery Subscription

Fashion Jewellery that will Enhance your Beauty

Do you love sprucing up your outfit and having fun with fresh looks? Jewellery has that special ability to renew an outfit, change and enhance a look. Not sure what pieces of jewellery to wear? Don’t have time to shop? Open to having your horizon opened and being challenged to try a new look that you may not normally go for?

And be pleasantly surprised? Or if you don’t like it, to have the ability to change it for another piece? Add Salt Studios offers a jewellery rental service, where each month you are surprised with three pieces of fashion jewellery to try for three weeks. If you love it, you have the option to purchase it; if you have enjoyed it and are ready to try three different things, you can send it back and the next month your box is refreshed.

Our mission at Add Salt is to spread joy through our fashion jewellery subscription box UK service. Our brand philosophy stems from the basic yet magical qualities of salt.

Salt is the unsung hero that enhances flavours, melts into the preparation and becomes part of a beautiful dish. Our jewellery is meant to accentuate your beauty, add to your wardrobe and become part of the complete look that is you. Follow us on Instagram.

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